ZimLA Mash Elect new executive


(Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) Mashonaland Branch members who attended the branch meeting held on Friday July 21.)

The Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) Mashonaland Branch successfully held a branch meeting on Friday 21 July 2017 to discuss various issues that required urgent attention including the revival of the branch activities. This meeting was held following ZimLA president, Mr. Lantern Fusire persistent call to revive the branch.

ZimLA entourage met Primary and Secondary Education Perm Sec

Fusire, Tendai, ZimLA

(Zimbabwe Library Association President, Mr. Lantern Rangarirai Fusire, Advocacy Officer Mr. Praymore Tendai, NLDS Acting Director Ms. Tesah Stima and Ms. Tinashe Kuzuwazuwa visited Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Permanebt Secretary Dr. Sylvia Utete-Masango to discuss various issues surrounding Libraries and the activities of ZimLA.)

By Praymore Tendai,
ZimLA Advocacy Officer