ZimLA step up Library policy formulation

Libray policy, ZimLA, National Library Policy

(ZimLA NEC members who attended the National Library Policy (NLP) held in Harare recently.)

The Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) National Executive Council (NEC) met in Harare for a review of the National Library Policy (NLP) formulation process that started last year through funding provided by the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA) Building Strong Library Associations initiative (BSLA).

IFLA Global Vision discussions in Zimbabwe

IFLA Global Vision

(IFLA Global Vision discussion at the Harare Polytechnic Library School facilitated by Dr. Collence Chisita. (Picture by Dr. Collence Chisita))

The Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) president, Mr. Lantern Fusire has amplified efforts to engage library and information sectors in Zimbabwe on the IFLA Global Vision discussions, an IFLA initiative that seek to brainstorm solutions to challenges facing libraries and the information profession.

ZimLA Mash Elect new executive


(Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) Mashonaland Branch members who attended the branch meeting held on Friday July 21.)

The Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) Mashonaland Branch successfully held a branch meeting on Friday 21 July 2017 to discuss various issues that required urgent attention including the revival of the branch activities. This meeting was held following ZimLA president, Mr. Lantern Fusire persistent call to revive the branch.