ZimLA Mash Elect new executive


(Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) Mashonaland Branch members who attended the branch meeting held on Friday July 21.)

The Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA) Mashonaland Branch successfully held a branch meeting on Friday 21 July 2017 to discuss various issues that required urgent attention including the revival of the branch activities. This meeting was held following ZimLA president, Mr. Lantern Fusire persistent call to revive the branch.

Mr. Fusire held an urgent conclave with Mashonaland branch members who attended the 51th Conference in Gweru. Pensions Fund Librarian, Mr. Peter Satumba was coordinating the meeting. The meeting was also attended by ZimLA Treasurer, Mr. Charles Poterai and National Advocacy Officer, Mr. Praymore Tendai.

The meeting attend by 20 members shared a session on IFLA Global Vision discussion chaired by ZimLA Advocacy Officer, Mr. Tendai.  IFLA Global Vision is an initiative to bringing together thousands of representatives of the library field worldwide to explore how a connected library field can meet the challenges of the future.

An election was held for a new branch executive that will drive ZimLA agenda for Mashonaland. Mr. Ariel Muvhunzwi retained the Branch chairmanship and will be deputized by Mr. McDonald Nhakura.

The National Library and Documentation Services (NLDS) Acting Director, Mrs. Tesah Stimah and College and Research Libraries Consortium (CARLC) Chairperson, Mr. Edgar Makowe also attended the meeting.

The entire Branch Executive comprise, Kushinga Phikelela Librarian, Mr. Leo Nyabadza (Branch Editor), Zimlibrary Project manager, Mr. Adie Dinika (Branch Advocacy Officer), Pension Fund Librarian, Mr. Peter Satumba (Branch Treasurer), Zimlibrary Librarian, Ms. Alice Parakokwa (Branch Secretary), Telone Librarian, Alice Chinogara, Mr. Masunda of Harare City Library and Ms. M. Sibanda who are all committee members. The branch executive term of office will expire in 2019.

ZimLA National Executive Council officials, Mr. Poterai and Mr. Tendai helped monitored the branch election.