Rules of the Association

Rules of the Association

Rule 1:            Name (Constitution Article 1)

1.         The Association shall have a seal which will be the official symbol of authority of the Association and shall appear on all official documents and such movable and immovable property as the NEC may determine.

Rule 2:            Membership (Constitution Article 2)

2.         Classification of membership of the Association consists of the following:

                        Individual Membership

a.      Honorary members: a person may be elected as a Honorary member by a simple majority at the AGM


b.      Personal members: Librarians, Documentalists, Information Officers, Records Specialists and Archivists


c.       Student members: Students studying Library and Information Science, Records and Archival Management or related studies may become student members of the Association.


Institutional Membership

d.      Institutional members: Libraries, Schools, Corporate Bodies, Societies, and other organizations interested in the objectives of the Association may be institutional members.  They shall be entitled to nominate a representative who shall enjoy the privileges of a personal member, unless otherwise stated herein

e.       Affiliate Membership: Shall be open to associations concerned with the fields related to librarianship, records and archival services such as book trade, reading and literacy and such affiliation shall be approved by the AGM on the recommendations of the NEC.

3.         Dues, Privileges and Rights

1.         The NEC shall annually review the annual subscriptions rates per category of membership and shall submit its recommendations thereon for approval to the AGM.

2.         Annual subscriptions at the prescribed rate shall be due on application for and renewal of membership.

3.         The membership of any member whose subscriptions are not paid by the date specified by the NEC shall lapse unless s/he has given good reasons to the contrary.

4.         A member who for any reason, voluntarily decides not to be a member of the Association shall have the right without any hindrance to withdraw/terminate his/her membership from the Association

1.         Such membership termination shall be communicated in writing to the Secretary-General of the Association

2.         If such a member is an officer of the Association, s/he shall prior to such resignation becoming effective, appropriately hand over all documents and assets in his/her possession to the Secretary-General of the Association or any other officer authorized by the NEC

5.         Lapsed membership may be reinstated upon payment of subscriptions for the current year.

6.         All fully subscribed members of the Association, including those who have made approved arrangements for payment of subscriptions shall have the right to enjoy any benefits as may be conferred upon the membership of the Association from time to time.

7.         All the privileges and rights of membership shall be enjoyed by a member for his/her own benefit and s/he shall not be entitled to transfer such privileges and rights or any of the benefits derived, to any other individual or institution.

            No membership subscriptions already paid at the date of termination of membership for whatever reason shall be refunded.

4.         Confirmation of membership

1.         All applications for membership shall be submitted to the NEC for confirmation.

2.         A simple majority of the NEC members shall suffice to confirm an application.

5.         Register of members

  1. A register of members shall be maintained by the Association,

2. Such a register shall contain the names, addresses and qualifications of members of the Association, branches and interest groups to which they belong.

Rule 3:            Meetings (Constitution Article 9)

1.         There shall be an AGM of the Association at such place and time as may be determined by a previous AGM.

2.         The AGM shall be the supreme organ of the Association and decisions taken there shall be final and binding on all members of the Association.

3.         Special General meetings of the Association may be called if circumstances require it.  The decisions of such a meeting shall be binding as if they have been taken by the AGM.

4.         Meetings of the NEC may be called by the President from time to time whenever necessary.  The NEC shall have the powers to formulate their own rules within the provisions of the Constitution.

5.         The NEC may also arrange provincial meetings of branches and interest groups of the Association provided that such provincial meetings shall not be held without the consent of those branches and interest groups.

6.         Minutes shall be kept by the Secretaries or their assistants for all the meetings of the Association and all its organs.

7.         Minutes of these meetings shall be kept in custody of the respective Secretaries for such organs of the Association.

8.         Unless circumstances are beyond the control of the Secretary, all meetings of the Association and its organs shall be preceded by at least fourteen (14) days notice in writing to all members informing them of the meeting with an agenda for such meetings attached thereto. 

            Notice of the AGM, however, should always not be less than at least two (2) months and the agenda for the AGM should be circulated to members at least one (1) month before the meeting. 

9.         Any meeting of the Association or its organs other than meetings in Articles 9.5 and 11.5 of the Constitution without a quorum shall be adjourned in terms of the Constitution or to another date as members present may decide.

Rule 4:            Eligibility for Election, Voting rights, Terms of Office and Disqualifications (Constitution Article 10)

1.         Fully subscribed members of the Association shall have the right to vote, to nominate and be nominated to any office or position in the Association.

2.         Fully subscribed institutional members have the right to send one representative to the AGM, have one vote and nominate persons in terms of 4.1 above.  Institutional members may not be nominated to any office or position in the Association.

3.         Every fully subscribed member present and those present by proxy shall be entitled to vote for any matter at the AGM.  Each institutional member present or by proxy shall be entitled to one vote.  Members unable to attend the AGM may nominate a proxy in writing- no person may serve as a proxy for more than two other persons.

4.         For each office the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected for that particular office.

5.         Election shall be by secret ballot and postal vote.

6.         Nomination forms shall be sent to members by the Secretary-General of the Association one and half (1 1/2) months before the Conference in an election year.


7.         Each nomination form should be signed by at least two fully subscribed members as well as by the nominee who thereby accepts nomination.

8.         The Secretary-General will post voting papers with names of the duly nominated candidates three weeks before the Conference.

9.         Voting papers must reach the Secretary-General of the Association by noon on the first full day of the Conference.

10.       Counting of voting ballots will take place at the Conference and the results will be announced before the end of the Conference.

11.       These Rules apply to the election of members of the NEC only.  Less formal regulations can be adopted by lower formations of the Association, provided that they are fair and equitable.

Rule 5:            National Executive Council (NEC) (Constitution Article 11)

1.         The Office Bearers shall be elected by direct vote of all the eligible members.

2.        Representatives of Branches and Interest Groups shall be elected by the eligible members of the respective Branches and Interest Groups.

3.         No person can serve as a member of the NEC in more than one capacity.  A person who was elected as a Branch representative or as an Interest Group representative shall if elected as an office bearer, vacate his/her position and the branch or interest group shall nominate someone to replace him/her.

4.         The newly elected NEC members shall take office at the end of the AGM in the election year.

Rule 7:            Committees (Constitution Article 12)

1.         The term of office, powers and functions and rules of procedure shall be worked out after the May 2012 AGM.

Rule 8:            Branches (Constitution Article 13)

The NEC mandated by an AGM shall have the power to create Branches, and shall define the geographical area to be covered by such Branches.  All members residing or working in these geographical areas shall be members of the respective Branches.

1. The Branch shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Student representative and other Branch Council members to manage their affairs,

2. The Branch shall not take any action which may affect the other Branches, the general conduct of Association, or the external relations of Association, other than by making recommendations to the NEC

3.   The constitution of a Branch shall be submitted to the NEC for its approval, and no amendments or additions shall be valid until approved by the NEC

4.   Each Branch shall be responsible on behalf of NEC for collecting the annual subscriptions from members


5.   The Branch shall submit 2/3 capitation of subscriptions to the NEC. The Branch shall keep all other funds apart from subscriptions

6.   The Branch Treasurer shall submit to the Treasurer-General a list of the Members of the Branch from whom subscriptions have been received and the individual amounts so received

7.   The funds of the Branch shall be kept in a bank or investments account under the name of the Branch

8.   The Branch Secretary shall forward to the Secretary-General of Association, not later than the last day of February each year, an audited statement of accounts and a balance sheet showing the assets and liabilities of the Branch as at 31st December of the previous year

9.   The Branch Secretary shall also forward a report on the work of the Branch during the previous year for the information of the NEC by the last day of February each year

10.       A Branch may be dissolved by the AGM on the recommendation of the NEC if it becomes inactive or fails to comply with the provisions of the Constitution.

11.       All members of a branch must first be members of the Association.

12.       In the event of a Branch dissolving, all funds and other assets shall revert to funds and assets of the Association.

Rule 9:            Interest Groups (Constitution Article 14)


The NEC mandated by an AGM shall have the power to create Sections for the unification of members within particular fields of interest

1.         Any member may join any Interest Group on notifying his/her desire to the Branch Secretary

2          An Interest Group will elect a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and other Committee members to manage their affairs

3.         The Constitution of an Interest Group shall be submitted to the NEC for its approval.  No amendments or additions shall be valid until approved by the NEC

4.         An Interest Group may receive from each Branch a grant at an amount per member of the Interest Group within the Branch area.  The amount shall be decided by the individual Branch.  A nominal fee may be charged for membership in the Interest Group

5.         The funds of an Interest Group shall be kept in bank or investment account under the name of the Interest Group

6.         The Secretary of the Interest Group shall forward to the Secretary-General, not later than the last day of February each year, an audited statement of accounts and a balance sheet showing the assets and liabilities of the Section as at 31st December of the previous year

7.         All members of a Interest Group must first be members of the Association

8.         In the event of a Interest Group dissolving, all funds and other assets shall revert to funds and assets of the Association.

Rule 10:          Finance (Constitution Article 15)


1.         The NEC shall be responsible and accountable for the finances of the Association

2.         Financial administration and reporting shall rest with the National Treasurer

3.         The financial institutions of the Association shall be registered financial institutions agreed upon by the NEC.

4.         The National Treasurer and President shall authorize disbursements over and above limits laid down by the NEC.  The NEC shall authorize the National Treasurer to make disbursements up to an amount agreed upon from time to time by the NEC.

5.         All cheques/RTGS must be signed by two of the authorized signatories, i.e. President, Treasurer, and Secretary

6.         Records and documentary proof must be kept of all financial transaction.

7.         All claims submitted to the Association must be in writing and/or on a claim form to the National Treasurer accompanied by a motivation and documentary proof.


8.         Regular financial reports by the National Treasurer must be presented at the meetings of the NEC.

9.         Annual financial reports must be externally audited and submitted to the AGM.

10.       The financial year of the Association shall be January 1st to December 31st.

11.       The NEC members and any member(s) as decided on and/or invited by the NEC may be granted an allowance (traveling, accommodation, daily allowance etc.).  The rates will be reviewed by the NEC from time to time as deemed necessary.

12.       The same financial rules set out in this section shall apply to all branches and interest groups of the Association.

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